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Best receipt for your fantasies! 3D Kink 2.075

Go to jail. Do not pass 'GO'... | 3D Kink 2.084


Gamerotica.com the premier community for virtual sex simulation video gaming launched.

kink.gamerotica.com lets you create and share your own softcore or hardcore porn, share 3D models, 3D scenes, textures, and streaming video clips. Content can be, remixed, reedited, reused and favourites stored. Sharing is easy and expands game play options even if you are not a content creator. ThriXXX+rsquo;s new web 2.0 member community areas advanced management system allows you to customize your sex in videogames experience with user generated bonus content!
Start the game, login and you will automatically receive your Gamerotica.com-Account by E-mail.

Prison + Interrogation Room

'Take control' no rules... NO LAWS in our prison world! Award good behavior while playing out your favorite prison fetish fantasies, or just enjoy watching a conjugal visit in this uber-realistic detention cell area and interrogation room! Imagine you're in a maximum security prison, mental hospital, or local police station lockup. Play from behind the officer's desk and be the dominator, handcuffing, tying up, punishing, spanking, whipping, dominating, training and fucking your victims at will. Be the submissive, and enjoy being told what to do and how to behave, and if you don't obey, off to the units grungy interrogation chamber till you admit you private fantasies... strange and bizarre as they may be!

Prisoner Fatigues

"Who the fuck you lookin at..."? Inside any correctional facility, how do you tell the truly dangerous notorious offenders on death row, from the meek and mild serving a bit of time in county for petty crimes. The orange fatigues designate the hardcore lifers from the general population in this world. New prison fatigues complete with ghetto bandana can be colorized to create the proper prison look and hierarchy. Create your own pecking order and fuck with death row prisoners in orange, general population in blue, mental patients in white, or create your very own prison bitch in your favorite colors.

New sextoys

A club is usually just a simple implement, except when in the hands of a jailer! If he really knows the tools of the trade, they might call it a night stick, baton, slap jack, truncheon or bludgeon and wield it exclusively as a weapon. If a guard really knows their stuff they can also use the stick to create both pain and pleasure. Drag a grunt to the interrogation room and slap them until they don't know jack or love it... How about a flashlight! Wait until an inmate tries to pick up the soap, they just might have their assholes bludgeoned ,and have a little light shed on an area where the sun typically doesn't shine. Chose either, whatever cums first!

Fresh New Voice-Overs

Our models we're feeling the need to be really naughty when they talk so we decided to install some microphones to capture every single tone and nuance of their 'girl-talk'. We've listened and are responding to members requests to add some variety to voice-overs! This SexPack provides 250+ plus brand new upgraded and extended female voice-over clips ,and is the first in the set we are working on called the 'Nice-Naughty-Nasty' series. This new series features fresh new voice over talent throughout and will provide additional auditory feedback to sweeten the audio options available in-game. It's a serious upgrade to the 80+ plus number we had as default before. Please remember current models are bilingual so you can select from different existing languages in model 'bio' profiles to add a little foreign flair to your fantasies.

CMS Tagging System for Poses

By popular demand, and as a first step towards providing a better in-game 'Content Management System' (CMS) to help arrange and manage poses, we've decided to release a first phase "Tag System". Downloading tons of user generated content and poses from kink.gamerotica.com is fun, and a great way to collect cool poses, but after a few days and 100's of downloads, it gets a little hard to manage all the files. Now you're able use our predefined tag system, or create your own tags and folders by creating custom keyword tags, by adding, deleting, or editing the tag 'meta data' in-game. Tagged folders can be created and sorted by style, type of position or by scene to help keep sequences more manageable. Once tagged content can be filtered and searched by keywords to quickly find your favorites, save time, and most importantly stay sane!

We are also adding new tattoos

We know since we've released the tattoo and body textures on kink.gamerotica.com one can design tattoos one's very own ink.
But as part of our art department's expansion efforts we have added a talented young guy who has a cool style, and thought instead of just archiving his first work, we should release some of his first graphics in-game. Check out his new butterfly, grim reaper, dragon, star, wings and other tattoos.

Advanced mode in PoseEdit

Using the sliders within the PoseEdit can be a bit frustrating when fine tuning a pose. A few pixels too far left or right and the pose doesn't match your intentions anymore. Now you have the possibility to push + and switch to 'advanced mode' where you're able to enter the angle you need. It's a more granular and precise way to control every aspect of editing to create the ultimate poses.

Higher Quality Image Capture

We're bumping up the resolution for in-game image recording to 800x600! If your machine can handle it, so can we. Grab content in-game in real-time at twice the previous quality. Higher resolution means the titling and captions you add to your content will easier to read and preview. Don't forget you can now export videos from in-game using any compatible video codec already installed on your system to save your favorite content to your local hard drive.

Cartoon Grammar + Font Sizing

As part of better in-game recording capabilities for your machinima efforts, we are also adding some tweaks to allow for better titling and captioning! We've added the traditional 'narrators caption box' for location, time, internal monologue and narration, that can be positioned in six locations on screen, and an exclamation style balloon for describing loud sounds like moans, yelps and screams!

You can also adjust the size of the font in the speech and thought bubbles for the captioning bubbles and text between three different sizes: 1) standard, 2) large and 3) extra large. This allows one to create more dynamic captioning and a comic book feel if you want to make GE.MAG's or your own comic book style artwork!

BTW check out this cool link we found if you want to learn more about 'cartoon book style grammar' and how the pros 'caption and letter' to optimize their content!

More Hair + Save Slots

We know that hairstyles really make a big difference to the final look and feel of the models so we are working hard at improving the style selections that are available! We have added another sexy look.
We also have heard you loud and clear that you need more save slots for your customizations so have increased this across the board to a minimum of 80 across all customizer categories!

Voice Over Switching

'Bi' means a lot of things in our game, but now it can also be the abbreviation for bilingual! We are upgrading the voice over abilities of the program to allow more control over dialog. As the first phase of this effort we are allowing for more selection between different VoicePacks! When creating a models profile you can select from any number of extend voices including foreign languages. Right now it's English, German and Spanish but shortly it will include the languages of romance French and Italian.

Baseball Cap Babes

The old 'ball' game takes on new meaning with caps for the gals. Have your girls dressed up as a hip hop bitch, fan-girl supporting her favorite sport team, or just pretend she's a truck stop slut dressed down for getting down and dirty at the station. With a customized cap that you can texture anyway you want add some girl next door personality to your models.

Minor Tweaks + Fixes

  • Save slot limit removed in PoseEdit
  • Delete confirmation in Sequencer
  • Texture Memory Optimization
  • Windows 7 compatibility
  • fixed yell bubble ( mouth animation )
  • cream pie for user generated poses
  • 800x600 video recording within PoseEdit

Directors Cut | 3DKink 2.080

Record Video for Hardcore Editing

Recording short video clips has been an easy and fun way to save your 'fucking game' talents for the future. Now store and encode your video clips to your own hard drive in whatever video format codec your machine supports and share them to a larger audience. Instead of using the proprietary in game video codec to record your video clips that only playback in game, you can now encode video in open formats like AVI, MPEG, Flash, Quicktime, DIVX what ever your machine can encode and support. Members can then take those clips and edit them in free Microsoft MovieMaker, or any other commercial programs like Adobe Premier, Sony Vegas, Final Cut, Pinnacle Studio etc. Add music backgrounds, video effects, sound effects and create your own adult machinima madness. Share watermarked clips at non-commercial tube sites for fun, glory and fame.

New Free Form Camera Tracking

A new 'free camera' mode with key frame animation and 3 different interpolation modes has been added for the Sequencer and allows you to script and record scene fly thrus and control the camera viewport like never before. What did you just say... 'key frame animation' and 'interpolation modes'? What the fuck in hell is that jargon all about! Well now you can move the camera anyway and anywhere you want in a sequence with very few rules. Create more compelling sequences and never get stuck not having the right camera move, zoom or pan to show of a snatch, or a prick penetrating hot wet pussy. Create your own Snatch Wars video flying thru space and time like Hands Solo and Wooky in the Millennium Falcon.

Pose Editor Enhancements and Extras

We've added a couple new PoseEdit locations: standing cross, pillory hi, pillory low, trestle and now allow full pose Move/Rotate (including relative key edit) in the sequencer. A couple of other tweaks include being able to control the gap of the asshole to get that perfect deep anal money shot.

Move Poses Freely

You've created or downloaded the perfect pose that can keep you amused for hours but you don't necessarily want to be forced to use the sequencer every time you want to play around with it and experience your nasty fantasies in new ways! Well we've introducing the ability to 'move poses' in Freemode so you don't have to become a 'sequencing' expert to experiment and extend the scene in new ways. Record multiple different angles and scenarios for your personal viewing pleasure with no sequencer learning curve. Now you can move a pose in Free Mode just like in the sequencer! Now you can create more exclusive never-been-seen-before scenes and video clip content in free mode in less time than in the sequencer. And to add even a little more to this new posing feature we've included the ability to have the model be able to finger their own anus just like they already can with the vagina/penis/and strap-on!

UI Improvements... I Can See Clearly Now

Every update we try to present a mix of content and technical improvements. This time around were pushing thru a lot of feature and UI tweaks. One of these is a 'movable' SexBrowser window, in fact now all windows are moveable! If you're a sequencer type or interactive story designer you'll be the first to appreciate creating more visual real-state to work your magic and edit scenes to perfection. Push the browser window to the side to make sure you can see your poses will work with titling and dialog effects. Be able to watch results of your efforts without the control dialogs in your way while you tweak and adjust sliders. Set parameters without a browser window that forces you to continuously toggle back and forth between the live scene and the scripting control. Being able to move windows may not sound like a big deal but you'll be surprised how handy this new feature will be if you're an advanced user!

Content Management Improvements

We've been downloading and checking out as much of the content as any other community member and know how hard it is to organize tons of regular or shared content within the game. To move towards improving our in-game content management systems (CMS) we have to make some small steps and the latest is an 'Add-Delete' button for Poses, Toys, Sequences. Now you can manage content a little easier right inside the game vs. having to try and manage 'mod' files in the install directory with Windows File Manager.
We've also modified how regular sexpack updates will be handled moving forward. Now instead of having to go to the 'Members Area' you'll be able to Autoinstall new system updates directly from the main login screen. (takes effect with the next update)
We also increased the possible number of clones to 300 and also reduced the startup loading time for the models.

More Badder Better Males

After spending hours creating the perfect sexy playmate it's often tough to find her a virtual date cool enough to match her exquisite look and feel. Better looking dudes are being demanded, basically males that look better and can equal the pimped out gals in screen shots and videos. Now that the controls to create super hot female models have begun to mature, its time to start applying what we can of those enhancements to the poor hapless chappies in game! Some of the first details to be added to the males in this update are devil horns and controls for the men's eyebrow color. Along with these two tweaks we're adding nipple customizing for male characters by adding 5 new shapes. Finally we are providing male and shemales texture packs so if your kind of bored with the current boys you can maybe beef them up a bit with new skins!

Props, Accessories, and Make-up

Well if you've read the Update News this far congratulations you'll be one of the few that know were doing some additions to the props, accessories and make-up sections of the customizer. There are going to be more piercing locations: brow right, brow left, and lower lip left. Your models will be able to be outfitted with 2 different lengths of fingernails!
We're also doing a couple of other things like bring back the army helmet, creating some Furies bunny ears without the full mask, allowing clean up to be done with a tongue as tool, and allowing the editing of the length of Toys in the toy editor module. Along with this we're providing the new texture packs on GE for the Halloween package.

Here's the Low-Down on Long Hair and New Hairstyles

More - more - more -more of everything... that's what we love to hear because it reassures us we're on the right track in regards to creating a thriving sex sim environment that people want. That said we wish we could provide MORE of everything in everyone's wish list and all at once but we can't for a number of reasons, especially when it comes to hair. We're adding 1 new styles in this update so check them out, and if your interested read on about the challenges we face in regards to hair.
Hair is one of the biggest technical challenges we face, as creating hairstyles + hair rendering techniques that are both backwards compatible to existing models and can more importantly be rendered on average PC's in 'real-time' is a huge challenge every 3D environment faces. In fact beautiful real-time hair is one of the last challenges super computers and high powered workstation computers are only now beginning to conquer.
Realistic hair that can flow and blow in the wind, react to gravity, (the kind you see in Pixar movies) is pre-rendered offline by lots of machines configured in render farms and then assembled frame by frame by video editing systems usually for promotional cut scenes only. Sorry to say that even for triple AAA titles for PS3, xBox 360 etc, and especially games like ours, that quality at 3D movie quality levels is still realistically a few years away, so were stuck with low poly, bones based polygonal hair for the next while.
Yes we hear you say we don't care just give us more hairstyles. Well we're going to but realistically expect more variations of what we have now vs. any type of revolutionary break thru hair modeling techniques that can be manipulated a 100 different ways. We're working on better hair, and not to be pessimistic sounding, but it's still going to be a while before everyone has the hardware on their desktop to really conquer this at the level we would like and more importantly at the level members expect. If there's a break thru on hair be assured we will be one of the first to try and exploit and incorporate that into our games!

Minor Tweaks + Fixes

  • Set multi screenshot as default on save
  • Fix Double-Penetration P-Loop
  • In the Sequencer text fields you can use variables which are parsed and replaced with dynamic values. You can access the whole person bio with variables
  • World-Sticky Transforms (to fixate elbows,...)

Tips and tricks:
Copy & Paste for pose positioning
  • Move a pose to your favored position. Right-Click on the pose icon on the timeline and choose "Copy position and rotation".
  • Afterwards just click with the right mouse button on the pose on which you want to assume the position/rotation and choose either "Insert position", "Insert rotation" or "Insert position and rotation".
  • ATTENTION! Assuming the position is only possible if the original positions are identical! The original position is selectable in the menu which is shown after clicking with the right mouse button on the pose icon on the timeline.

Copy & Paste for color values in the Customizer
  • Click with the right mouse button on the color slider and choose "Copy"
  • On the desired slider simply choose "Insert" to assume the value

Minor fixes:

  • Fucking machines are working again
  • After starting the "Fetish Club" within the sequencer you're able to see something instead of a black screen.

Create clones (copies) of any model (up to 100). You can use this feature to create backup copies, to create multiple customizations of the same 'basemodel', or to play with identical twins/triplets.
The "Clone" and the "Delete" a clone button can be found in the "ModelBrowser" window.

Now you can switch between 3 different female skin textures.